User-Defined Parcel Carrier

StarShip shipping software with the User-Defined module allows you to define an unlimited number of carriers. This can be used for supporting local carriers or to keep track of local deliveries.


  • Define Ground and Air services for each carrier
  • Specify dimensional weight factors and accessorial costs including fuel surcharge
  • Associate reference fields for reporting
Shipping Software

Automate your business process

Interface to your orders or invoices

  • Swiftly convert orders into shipments, leveraging StarShip’s plug-and-play interface to dozens of ERP, financial and accounting systems.
  • Prevent invoicing delays with accurate carrier charges added to customer invoices at the time of shipment.
  • Boost customer service productivity – StarShip shipping software can update tracking numbers as shipments are processed.

Flexible and easy to use

  • Standard freight rules module allows you to write back the published or custom rate in addition to giving you the ability to add rules for determining how and when freight is updated.
  • Print shipping labels with ease