StarShip Version Support Life Cycle

Version Number Official Release Sunset Date Support Provided
23.0 1-31-2023 FULL (thru 12-31-24)
22.x 12-26-2021 12-30-2022 FULL (thru 12-31-23)
21.x 3-2-2021 12-29-2021 N/A
20.x 3-2-2020 12-29-2020 N/A
19.x 12-26-2018 12-29-2019 N/A
18.x 12-24-2017 12-26-2018 N/A
17.x 12-26-2016 12-30-2017 N/A
16.x 12-28-2015 12-30-2016 N/A
15.x 12-29-2014 12-30-2015 N/A
14.x 12-30-2013 12-30-2014 N/A
13.x 12-31-2012 12-30-2013 N/A
12.x 1-2-2012 12-31-2012 N/A
11.x 3-18-2011 12-31-2011 N/A
10.x 11-15-2010 12-31-2010 N/A

Official Release

The date on which the product is officially released for download via our website. This date will be used as the cut-off date when determining Software Maintenance eligibility.

Sunset Date

The date on which the product is no longer distributed or available for download via our website. Limited research time will be spent on issues with this product. Maintenance and web updates will no longer be available for the specified version after this date.

Support Provided

The type of support provided for each version is contingent upon the availability dates. IMPORTANT NOTE: Software updates will only be made to the most recent version.

N/A – No longer supported
Full – Phone and email support will be available through the V-Technologies Technical Support team.

Software Maintenance Availability

The Software Maintenance Plan is available for StarShip customers running the latest release. Users on earlier versions should contact the StarShip Sales Department.