Ship with UPS®

V-Technologies named UPS Ready Premier Partner for the 2nd year in a row

A distinction that reflects our extraordinary collaboration efforts, strong YoY performance, extensive integration depth, superb sales support and overall excellence as a UPS Ready Partner.  Partner with a proven solution.  StarShip incorporates a variety of UPS technology, giving you access to contract rates while supporting a full spectrum of UPS offerings.

UPS Ready Premier Partner
Integration improves shipping efficiency

StarShip’s many turnkey interfaces to ERP or business applications seamlessly connect to order and inventory data, reducing manual entry and errors in shipping, accounts receivable and customer service.

Shipping Software

DIM Weight Pricing

Yes, you should have tools in place to minimize the risk of  defining incorrect package dimensions.  StarShip provides many ways to do this:

  • We’ve added a new flag that requires DIMs to process a shipment
  • Ship via rules can automatically select the “best way”
  • StarShip can maintain your custom package dimensions
  • Enhanced Reporting

UPS Your Way

Your existing UPS account plugs into StarShip, giving you access to negotiated rates and a full portfolio of services:

  • Supports all major UPS services (domestic & international) including Air, Ground, SurePost, Ground with Freight pricing and TForce Freight
  • Simplify international shipping with World Ease®, UPS Paperless™ Invoice and ACE AESDirect automation
  • Ship Dangerous Goods, Hazardous Materials and Alcohol
  • Reduce costs up to 85% with third party shipping insurance
  • Print thermal or laser shipping labels and packing slips
  • Build brand awareness with a graphic or logo on your shipping label
  • Customize shipment notifications with order/item detail, logos, etc.
  • Automatically update orders and invoices with freight charges, customizable handling fees and shipment detail
  • Choose from a comparison of negotiated and list rates, or let StarShip pick the “Best Way” to ship

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Tiers based on outbound volume to scale with your business.  Check out our cloud solution that offers a bi-directional interface to ERP and ecommerce orders.