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StarShip shipping software | Version 23.x

Version 23.1

UPS – Mexico shipments
To comply with Carta Porte requirements, UPS shipments will now require Package Contents for all shipments bound to Mexico.

Note: Mexico set an effective date of August 1, 2023. However, UPS has made the decision to enforce the regulation early, beginning March 6, 2023. We will update the FedEx module as more details become available.

EU shipments (+Northern Ireland, Norway, Switzerland)
Beginning March 1, 2023, the European Union (EU) is strengthening safety and security at customs through an information system called Import Control System 2 (ICS2). As a result, a new EORI field is available on the Recipient entity, international documents and also available through customize interface.

Note: FedEx will begin enforcing this immediately but UPS is taking a phased approach ending June 30, 2023.

Version 23.0

2023 Carrier rate and service changes

  • UPS 12/27/22
  • DHL 1/1/2023
  • FedEx 1/2/2023
  • Spee-Dee 1/2/2023
  • USPS 1/22/2023

Acumatica 2022 R2

Beginning with this version we now support the latest REST API which will require a separate set of V-Tech Endpoints and configuration. We will continue to support the legacy Acumatica integration as customers migrate but will no longer be making updates to it.

Sage 100 BOI

The Sage direct integration has been given a technology upgrade on the backend. This is a new interface that will require separate configuration. Customers using StarShip Cloud should also be aware of our latest ScanForce collab! We are excited to announce that StarShip Cloud is powering the ship function now available from ScanForce mobile. A true pick, pack AND SHIP from the convenience of a handheld device.

Amazon Direct Fulfillment

Amazon Vendor Central customers who drop ship may now be required to use Amazon Direct Fulfillment (DF) with Amazon Transportation (AT). StarShip can now help by connecting directly to Amazon to print the shipping label for the carrier of choice. Amazon is rolling this out in certain regions so it may or may not impact you at this time.

StarShip shipping software | Version 22.x

StarShip shipping software | Version 22.2

  • Amazon Selling Partner API (SP-API) – replaces the deprecated Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS)

StarShip shipping software | Version 22.1

  • Support for Acumatica 6.0 – 2022 R1
  • Support for Sage 300 2022
  • Support for Fishbowl 2022

StarShip shipping software | Version 22.0

  • 2022 carrier rate/service update, Sage 100 2021 and more!

2022 Rate and Service Changes


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