StarShip Shipping Software | Historical Releases

Performance enhancements, FedEx/USPS changes & more!

StarShip shipping software | Version 18.x

StarShip shipping software | Version 18.0.3

  • Expanded eCommerce, potential freight savings, Acumatica enhancements and Windows 10 updates.

Expanded eCommerce Integration

  • Did you know that StarShip allows you to ship against orders across multiple channels?
    The eCommerce suite of interfaces* now connects to:
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • 3dcart
  • BigCommerce
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce

Contact a Customer Account Manager to learn more about adding eCommerce integration to your license. *eCommerce module purchase required.

Potential Freight Savings

  • You’ll now see potential savings on every shipment with a real-time comparison to USPS discount prices. Find out immediately if you’re using the most cost effective method.

Acumatica Enhancements

  • Improved speed and performance for Acumatica 2017 R2 and later.

Windows 10 Updates

  • Improved speed and support for Windows 10 environment.

StarShip shipping software | Version 18.0.1

  • Sage 100 2018 StarShip Link, and more!

Sage 100 2018

  • StarShip Link support for Sage 100 2018, in addition to BOI

StarShip shipping software | Version 18.0

  • 2018 carrier rate/service update, Sage 100 2018, and more!

2018 Rate and Service Changes


  • UPS 2018 rate & service changes effective Dec. 24, 2017 >>More


  • DHL 2018 rate & service changes effective Jan. 1, 2018 >>More


  • FedEx 2018 rate & service changes effective Jan. 1, 2018 >>More


  • USPS 2018 rate & service changes effective Jan. 21, 2018 >>More


  • Spee-Dee 2018 rate & service changes effective Jan. 1, 2018 >>More

Support for Sage 100 2018 (BOI)

StarShip shipping software | Version 17.x

StarShip shipping software | Version 17.4.2

  • USPS Retail Rates, Coming soon: Sage 300.

USPS Retail Rates

  • StarShip uses USPS Retail Rates as list rates.

StarShip shipping software | Version 17.4.1

  • Now supports USPS Pitney Bowes for electronic postage.

USPS Pitney Bowes

V-Technologies has partnered with Pitney Bowes to add value and savings to your USPS shipping.

  • StarShip users will receive a FREE* postage account for 3 years (a savings of up to $34.95/month vs your Endicia account).
    *Postage accounts must be created and used by 12-31-2017 to receive 3-year savings
  • Ship now and pay later with the Pitney Bowes Line of Credit
    * No annual fee
    * Flexible payment options
    * Save with USPS discounts and free postage earned through their rewards program.

StarShip shipping software | Version 17.4

  • Updated address validation and preparation for upcoming USPS changes.

StarShip shipping software | Version 17.3

  • eCommerce – WooCommerce Shopping Cart, New Acumatica API interface, OnTrac Web API, Support for Sage 500 ERP 2017 and more!

eCommerce – WooCommerce

  • StarShip’s eCommerce interface now supports WooCommerce shopping carts.
  • Expanded to include WooCommerce


  • Improved performance with direct API integration

OnTrac Web API

Sage 100 & Sage 500

  • Sage 100 BOI – new setting prevents import of Sales Order when customer is on Credit Hold
  • Support for Sage 500 ERP 2017

SMC3 support for zip based discounts

StarShip shipping software | Version 17.2

  • eCommerce – eBay, Amazon Shipping, YRC, OnTrac, A. Duie Pyle, & Estes changes and more!

eCommerce – eBay & Amazon Shipping

  • StarShip’s eCommerce interface has undergone a number of upgrades.
  • Now supports Amazon Shipping as a carrier, which allows you to ship your Seller Fulfilled Prime Orders.
  • Expanded to include eBay, so you can ship both your Amazon Orders and eBay transactions from one interface.

YRC Accelerated (ACEL) Services

OnTrac labels enhancements

  • OnTrac labels are now printed with the PDF-417 barcode, which contains important shipping information, such as the Recipient Name, Address, and Zip Code, along with the service offerings requested for the delivery.

A. Duie Pyle

  • has an added setting to accommodate users who have pallet pricing.


  • Requests a PRO number from Estes when a shipment is processed.
  • Ability to print the Estes-generated BOL

StarShip shipping software | Version 17.1

  • USPS 2017 rate update, OnTrac updates, UPS Freight enhancements and more!

USPS 2017 Changes

  • January 2017 USPS Price Change


  • Updated label format for 2017 requirements

UPS Freight

  • UPS Freight LTL Guaranteed A.M. service
  • Density Pricing

StarShip shipping software | Version 17.0

  • 2017 carrier rate/service update, Sage 100 2017, LTL Printing Enhancements and more!

2017 Rate and Service Changes


  • UPS 2017 rate & service changes effective Dec. 26, 2016 >>More


  • DHL 2017 rate & service changes effective Jan. 2, 2017 >>More


  • FedEx 2017 rate & service changes effective Jan. 2, 2017 >>More


  • Spee-Dee 2017 rate & service changes

Support for Sage 100 2017 (BOI)

LTL Printing Enhancements

  • New Support for Print on Next
  • Supports 3“ Thermal Labels

StarShip shipping software | Version 11.x

StarShip shipping software | Version 11.1.0

Performance Enhancements

  • To increase processing speed on ship screen
  • New preference settings to define how items are associated to packages for simplified international shipping

enhanced item settings


  • FedEx SmartPost
  • Electronic Trade Documents (ETD)
  • HazMat/Dangerous Goods documentation: OP-900 and OP-950


  • New flat rate package types (Legal Envelope, Gift Card Envelope, Window Envelope, Cardboard Envelope, Small Envelope, Regional Rate Box A and Regional Rate Box B)
  • Critical Mail service
  • Expanded Hold at Location fields
  • Support for Rubber Stamp 1-3 (similar to reference fields)


  • 2011 rate & service changes

Setting Types

  • View the level at which a setting is applied
settingsglobal level
  • Setting is global to all users, at all locations, for all machines
  • Setting is specific to the machine
  • Setting is specific to the user
  • Setting is specific to the location

Address Validation Settings

  • New preferences to define the address line for the primary street as well as automatic validation if address line 1 fails

address validation

StarShip shipping software | Version 11.0


  • 2011 rate & service changes >>More
  • New! UPS Carbon Neutral – reduce your climate impact while demonstrating your commitment to sustainability.
  • New! Refrigeration
  • New! HazMat
    Note: the initial release will not generate documentation
  • The UPS Freight module – available since version 10.1


  • 2011 rate & service changes
  • Coming Soon: FedEx SmartPost
  • Coming Soon: Electronic Trade Documents (ETD)
  • Coming Soon: HazMat/DG support including documentation


  • 2011 rate & service changes

HazMat/Dangerous Goods

  • Create hazardous profiles for easy selection during shipping

HazMat/Dangerous Goods

  • For interfaces with item-level integration: associate an item to a profile for further hazmat automation.
  • Coming Soon: HazMat/Dangerous Goods documentation for FedEx shipments will be available in a subsequent v11 release.
    Documentation for UPS shipments is currently in development.

Filtering in customize interface

  • Search for StarShip target fields when customizing field maps and translations
    Filtering in customize interface


  • Obtain proof of delivery for FedEx shipments.

Dynamics GP and Exact Macola Notes:

  • Define different fields based on mode (parcel/ltl).

StarShip shipping software | Version 12.x

StarShip shipping software | Version 12.2.2

TrueCommerce EDI interface

  • V-Technologies partners with Highjump to provide a more seamless shipping to EDI experience. You have the option of producing the GS1-128 label from StarShip or TrueCommerce Transaction Manager. Producing the label in StarShip allows all shipping labels to print at the same time. On ship/process, StarShip will transparently send shipment detail to TrueCommerce for final creation of the ASN to the trading partner.

Con-way LTL

  • StarShip continues to expand LTL offerings with the addition of Con-way, the nation’s 2nd largest LTL carrier. This rounds out the support for the top 4: FedEx Freight, YRC and UPS Freight. The Con-way module allows you to rate directly on the Con-way servers giving you live access to negotiated rates. In addition, you now have the ability to track, request pickups, generate the BOL and print package/pallet labels.


We continue to add enhancements to support new features being offered by Endicia.

  • Support for Registered Mail
  • Expanded supported box types to include: Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Board Game Box and Express Mail Flat Rate Padded Envelope

StarShip shipping software | Version 12.2.1

User-Defined (parcel)

This new module allows you to define an unlimited number of parcel carriers. This can be used for supporting local carriers OR to keep track of local deliveries. Enhancements include:

  • Supports an unlimited number of carriers
  • Define Ground and Air services for each carrier
  • Specify dimensional weight factors and accessorial costs including fuel surcharge
  • Reference field support


We continue to add enhancements to support new features being offered by Endicia.

  • Users running StarShip across multiple locations now have the ability to specify a location ID in the Endicia transaction. This ID is printed on the label and allows the USPS to better handle delivery issues.
  • Endicia Professional customers can now print the SCAN form based on sender ZIP or cost center.
  • Expanded the number of address lines for the 4×6 integrated Customs form and Express Mail.
  • PS 2976 Customs form is now allowed for all mail classes, irrespective of package weight.


  • now includes a new UPS Manifest report

Freight Rules

  • Expanded operators for string conditions

Sage 100 ERP BOI interface

  • Alias Item Number field now available for mapping

StarShip shipping software | Version 12.2.0

  • New FedEx module, GS1-128 labels and more!


  • StarShip is now certified on the latest FedEx web services technology. Enhancements include:
  • Now available! FedEx Freight – a top US LTL operator.
  • FedEx 2Day(r) A.M. – 10:30 a.m. delivery commitment time for shipments with two-day delivery to most areas in the U.S.
  • FedEx First Overnight(r) Freight – nationwide, early-morning delivery of critical air freight shipments. Most markets will have a 9 a.m. delivery commitment. This service is tailored for customers with urgent manufacturing, distribution or replenishment needs and for palletized shipments weighing more than 151 lbs.

GS1-128 labels to streamline EDI shipments.

  • Use sample templates or modify the layout in StarShip.
  • StarShip now generates the SSCC number.

Roles and permissions – expanded to give administrators more control over user actions.

Screen defaults

  • Ability to set defaults outside of the ERP interface

StarShip shipping software | Version 12.1.2

  • Enhanced shipment editing and printing functionality!

Edit Shipments

  • New settings provide more control over the editing workflow
  • Define how processed shipments are handled when opened for editing
  • Notify the shipper when an open shipment exists for the selected document
  • New functionality to compare differences in incoming data while editing shipments

Printing conditions

  • Now further automate the shipping process
  • Condition builder allows you to define when a label or document should print.
  • Create dynamic parameters using StarShip fields

StarShip shipping software | Version 12.1.0

  • Batch Import functionality, client memory optimization & more!

Batch Import

  • Gives you all of the features in v9 PLUS
  • Templates allow you to design and manage multiple sets of import definitions
  • Package contents can now be included within the data set
  • Greater flexibility in handling shipment data and batches

USPS Endicia

  • USPS COD tag – PS Form 3816, pre-designed template used for dot matrix printers

shipping software 3816 COD

Client memory optimization – resulting in faster loading and processing

Third Party Billing setting – providing flexibility for automating billing account selection

shipping software 3rd party setting



shipping software 3rd party

StarShip shipping software | Version 12.0.0

  • 2012 Carrier rate/service changes & more!



  • The current module will support rate & service changes effective Jan. 2nd. We are actively working on enhancing the FedEx interface to support the new features below. This will be available as an update to v12 and we expect a general release in August.
  • FedEx 2012 rate & service changes >>More
  • Coming Soon: FedEx Freight® Priority and Economy
  • Coming Soon: FedEx 2Day® A.M.
  • Coming Soon: alcohol shipping enhancements


  • DHL 2012 rate & service changes


  • Spee-Dee 2012 rate & service changes
  • Acknowledgement of Delivery (AOD) enhancements to support Direct, Indirect and Adult Signature Required.

USPS Endicia

  • Modifications to support new USPS features & postage changes were released in version 12.0.2. This release also included enhancements to ease the process of printing international customs forms.
  • 2012 rate & service changes >>More
  • Added support for the 2976A form to print on a 4×6″ thermal label.
  • Enhanced roll-up options for content description on the 2976A.
  • Expanded reference fields to support invoice (prints on custom forms)
  • Expanded support of free Delivery Confirmation to First-Class parcels


Mail Class Delivery Confirmation Comments
Express Mail N/A Included with service
Priority Mail Free
First-Class Package Services Free
Media Mail Additional $0.19
Parcel Post Additional $0.19
  • New First-Class Package Service – the USPS is introducing a new competitive product called First-Class Package Service which will replace First-Class Mail Parcels. Additional details:
    *Same service standards as First-Class Mail Parcels
    *Free Delivery Confirmation Commercial Base prices for 1 oz up to 13 oz
    *Commercial Plus prices (under USPS contract) available for 13 oz – 16 oz
  • New Express Mail Flat Rate Box
    *Same dimensions as Priority Medium Flat Rate Box
    *Available for both domestic (70 lbs.) and international packages (20 lbs.)
  • New Priority Mail – Regional Rate Box C
    *Larger than Regional Rate Boxes A & B: 15” x 12” x 12” and 25 lb limit
  • Changes for Express Mail Signature Waiver
    *USPS will now require an addressee’s signature only when explicitly requested.


Modifications to support new OnTrac service changes are available in version 12.0.3 (release date: 2/1/12). Enhancements include:

  • New Residential fee
  • New Delivery Area Surcharge fee
  • Updates to label and manifest formats

StarShip shipping software | Version 13.x

StarShip shipping software | Version 13.1.0

QuickBooks Enterprise integration, ship via rules functionality, Rating Web Service and direct support for ABF Freight.

QuickBooks Enterprise

  • new options for ShipGear for QuickBooks customers
  • Multi-carrier, multi-mode support
  • Line item integration to further automate international and LTL shipments
  • Save on freight spend with USPS support, regional carriers and third party insurance
  • EDI automation – print GS1-128 labels and integrate directly with TrueCommerce Transaction Manager

Ship Via Rules

  • Automatically make carrier/service selection based on conditions such as fastest or cheapest
  • Manually rate shop using user-defined scenarios that return a sub-set of rates from which an informed decision can be made


StarShip is now certified on the latest FedEx web services technology. Enhancements include:

  • 1421C for Dangerous Goods shipments with FedEx Express, Priority Alert Plus
  • Hold at Location – search locations near the destination ZIP

Rating Web Service – Integrate StarShip’s powerful multi-carrier rating functionality directly into your business systems such as ERP order entry.

  • Validate the shipping address
  • View a complete list of carriers, services, time-in-transit and cost from one place
  • Quickly see published, negotiated and applied freight charges
  • Automatically calculate the applied freight charge using freight rules

ABF Freight

  • Live access to negotiated rates
  • Tender shipments electronically
  • Track shipments

Sage DacEasy 2014 – testing is complete for this version of Sage DacEasy.

StarShip shipping software | Version 13.0.3

  • New branded email functionality, integrated packing list + shipping label, expanded EDI & Warehouse Management integration.

Integrated Packing List + Shipping Label

shipping software packing list and shipping label

TrueCommerce EDI interface

  • Streamline the EDI process
  • Generate GS1-128 labels through StarShip
  • Push shipping detail from StarShip to TrueCommerce Transaction Manager

Con-way and Old Dominion – optional carrier interfaces now available!

  • Live access to negotiated rates
  • Tender shipments electronically

Branded Shipment Notifications – take control of your outbound email notifications!

  • Personalize the message with logos and hyperlinks
  • Include item-level detail
  • Attach shipping documents such as the BOL
  • Send emails as you ship

shipping software email notification

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013
GP Advanced module highlights integration with PanatrackerGP to automate the pick, pack & ship process.

Interface Extender

  • Optional module to expand functionality for a distributed interface
  • Expand field lists used for input
  • Customize update logic

Sage 500 2013 – testing is complete for this version of Sage 500.

StarShip shipping software | Version 13.0.2

  • 2013 USPS rate/service changes, Sage 100 ERP 2013 & more!


  • We continue to add enhancements to support USPS regulatory changes and new features being offered by Endicia.
  • The Parcel Post mail service is being renamed to Standard Post. This newly renamed service will be available at retail ONLY and includes electronic tracking at no additional cost. While this service will continue to be available to USPS Approved Shippers, commercial mailers should use the Parcel Select, barcoded, non-presorted mailing option in place of Standard Post (previously called Parcel Post).
  • The First-Class Mail International Parcel service is being renamed to First-Class Package International Service (FCPIS). First-Class Mail International Letters, Postcards, and Flats services remain unchanged.
  • Electronic Delivery Confirmation will now be available free-of-charge for international packages to Canada. This service provides mailers with the date and time that their package was delivered. Service will be available for the following mail categories: First-Class Package International Service (formerly First-Class Mail International) parcels, Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelopes, and Small Flat Rate Boxes.
  • Critical Mail will be available with a new signature option. This signature service will be added to the Critical Mail service at a more attractive rate than adding Signature Confirmation as an extra service.
  • The label layouts of the Integrated Customs Forms PS-2976 and PS-2976A have been modified per USPS guidelines.
  • Expanded the Cost Center field to support alpha and numeric characters.

Sage 100 ERP 2013 (v5) BOI interface – Testing is complete for this version of Sage 100. Form code printing as a result of ship/process is currently not supported with the 2013 release.

  • ACS Multi-Bin – enhanced the BOI (direct) interface to support this popular enhancement. StarShip will now recognize items that have been allocated via ACS Multi-Bin and retrieve associated lot/serial distribution and quantity.

StarShip shipping software | Version 13.0.0

  • 2013 Carrier rate/service changes & more!

UPS 2013 rate & service changes >>More

  • UPS WorldEase® – ship packages to multiple recipients within a country or the European Union (EU) as one shipment that clears customs as a single transaction.


  • The current module will support rate & service changes effective Jan. 7th. We are actively working on enhancing the FedEx interface to support new features such as the 1421-C (Dangerous Goods).
  • FedEx 2013 rate & service changes >>More


  • DHL 2013 rate & service changes


  • Spee-Dee 2013 rate & service changes

Ship Screen – search existing shipments and switch between interfaces from the Source Document section.

StarShip shipping software | Version 14.x

StarShip shipping software | Version 14.0.3

  • Dynamics GP Rate Quote and Custom Writeback, New Reports, AESDirect and Branded Email enhancements and more!

Dynamics GP Rate Quote (requires GP 2013 R2) and Custom Writeback

  • StarShip Rate Quote from Sales Transaction Entry – this customized rate quote functionality offers address validation, custom carrier rates, and time-in-transit details from Sales Transaction Entry (doesn’t require a seat!). Rate Quote can also update the address, ship via, and freight charge.
  • Write-back to custom fields


  • Two new reports: Return (Inbound) Shipments, Shipments By User


  • Now supports Ultimate Consignee Type and License Value fields

Branded Email

  • Customizable “From email”

StarShip shipping software | Version 14.0.2

  • UPS Capital, Sage 100 v2014, Sage 500 v2014, enhanced rate quote and new Freightview domain address!

UPS Capital

  • Electronically upload third-party insurance detail to eliminate manual reporting

Sage 100 v2014

  • New StarShip Link is now available. Note: the BOI interface has also been tested compatible with Sage 100 v2014. Both interfaces also include:
  • Access to StarShip Rate Quote directly from Sales Order! This customized rate quote functionality for Sage 100 offers address validation, custom carrier rates, and time-in-transit details from Sales Order Entry. Rate Quote can also update the address, ship via, and freight charge.

Sage 500 v2014

  • Tested/compatible with Sage 500 ERP 2014
  • Map to inventory user-defined fields


  • Updated to use new Freightview domain address, required by 3/21/2014

StarShip shipping software | Version 14.0.1

  • New modules, enhanced dashboard and more!

New LTL modules

  • Saia
  • AAA Cooper

Enhanced Dashboard

StarShip shipping software | Version 14.0.0

  • Branded labels, StarShip Rate Quote utility, 2014 carrier rate/service update

Branded Shipping Labels

  • Improve brand exposure and increase chances for repeat sales by adding your logo and customized text at the top of the label.

StarShip Rate Quote

  • A stand-alone application that can run from anywhere you have internet access! Give customer service personnel access to StarShip rating and time-in-transit detail to make informative decisions prior to shipping.

Sage 100 v4.5 and v2013 Enhancements

  • StarShip Rate Quote from Sales Order – this customized rate quote functionality offers address validation, custom carrier rates, and time-in-transit details from Sales Order Entry. Rate Quote can also update the address, ship via, and freight charge
  • Quick Ship – for our StarShip Link users, the Quick Ship button streamlines the workflow when shipping orders complete. Use it to perform “ship remaining” AND launch StarShip in one click.

Rate and Service Changes

  • As always, V Technologies continues to go through certification requirements to ensure compatibility with the latest enhancements and technologies.


  • UPS 2014 rate & service changes effective Dec. 30, 2013 >>More


  • FedEx 2014 rate & service changes effective Jan. 6, 2014 >>More


  • Spee-Dee 2014 rate & service changes

StarShip shipping software | Version 15.x

StarShip shipping software | Version 15.3

Averitt Express

  • Are you manually accessing rate quotes through Eliminate this manual step and gain better insight into ALL of your shipping costs/options without logging in to multiple websites.

UPS (web services)

  • Our next generation UPS module uses the latest web services technology to eliminate end-of-day PLD uploads, give you access to Mail Innovations & more.

Amazon Enhancements

  • We announced our Amazon integration last release and are actively enhancing it! The latest Amazon interface allows you to “ship complete” without defining the item quantity in StarShip.

Master BOL

  • Consolidate multiple parcel or freight shipments into 1 LTL shipment.

Item > Pallet Scenarios

  • Extending the packaging scenarios function to include pallet level logic.

StarShip shipping software | Version 15.2

Discount USPS rates

  • One more way to help you save on freight spend! We’ve partnered with Parcel Partners to give you access to Commercial Plus Pricing (CPP) with no contracts or minimum volume requirements.
  • Looking for ways to combat the DIM weight changes? Create your new account, enter dimensions and see CPP rates including a dimensional component
  • Take advantage of soft packs for reduced rates on packages up to 36″ using only LXW dims
  • Create your own flat rate program using your custom packaging
  • Utilize Pay-On-Use Returns to minimize costs associated to returns
  • First Class Package Service up to 16 oz.
  • On top of this you now have access to USPS electronic COD labels!


  • Support for latest DHL technologies – IMPORTANT: DHL to retire technology used in StarShip 15.1 and earlier on June 30, 2015
  • Now supports DHL Domestic Express and multiple international services

Sage 100 2015

  • Now supported for StarShip Link in addition to BOI
  • Sales Order Rate Quote – expanded field list for enhanced freight rules
  • Enhanced browser for batch processing
  • Group related orders into a single shipment with one click

Dynamics GP

  • Enhanced browser for batch processing
  • Group related orders into a single shipment with one click


  • Link directly to Amazon orders
  • …or ship against an ERP order and update the ERP document + Amazon

StarShip shipping software | Version 15.1

  • Interface to CubiScan scales, FedEx One Rate, Dynamics GP Fulfillment, Batch Shipping, Custom EDI.

CubiScan scale support

  • Have you been impacted by the DIM weight changes put in place earlier this year?
  • New interface to CubiScan scales (models 100, 110, 125 and 150) to automate dimension scanning and make sure you’re quoting the appropriate freight to your customer.

Enhanced FedEx module

  • FedEx One Rate®, a simple, flat rate pricing option for FedEx Express® packages within the U.S.
  • Added support for the FedEx® Extra Large Box 11″x12″x11″).

Dynamics GP

  • Dynamics GP Fulfillment – StarShip can automatically fulfill items on your Dynamics GP transaction and we’ve added a setting to prevent shipping items already fulfilled.
  • Batch Shipping – We’ve added the ability to batch ship a group of orders and define exactly how you want everything updated in Dynamics GP.!

Sage 100 BOI

  • Batch Shipping – We’ve added the ability to batch ship a group of orders and define exactly how you want everything updated in Sage 100 BOI
  • Support for Sage 100 ERP 2014 Product Update 4 (
    Sage 100 ERP 2013 Product Update 8 (

EDI – Your Way

  • Export details (as you ship) in a user-defined format to ultimately be used by your EDI system for automated ASN (Advanced Ship Notice) generation.

StarShip shipping software | Version 15.0

  • DIM Weight, Dynamics GP Enhancements, USPS/Endicia features, User Definable fields, UPS Capital, Branded Email, Reports, 2015 carrier rate/service update

UPS & FedEx DIM Weight Pricing

  • The most significant change: both UPS & FedEx will impose NEW dimensional (DIM) weight pricing on all ground packages. Lightweight shippers take note: a 1 lb. package with a size 10″x12″15″ will now be billed at 11 lbs.! A few things to consider:
  • We’ve added a new flag that requires DIMs to process a shipment
  • Ship via rules can automatically select the “best way”
  • StarShip can maintain your custom package dimensions

Dynamics GP Enhancements

  • BATCH SHIPPING and Enhanced Search – Use filters to better manage your document view. Select a batch of orders and StarShip will process the shipments, print labels and update the source document in one click!
  • Rate Shop from Sales Order – Take advantage of StarShip’s powerful rating engine while creating estimates or orders. Use this to help with your carrier/service decision, validate addresses and update freight charges (including customized rules).
  • Custom Field Updates – You now have complete control over how StarShip shipping data is updated on your Dynamics GP document! Want to update the ship via to reflect how your package actually shipped? …or update the ship-to? Now all possible!


  • Support for consolidators such as UPS Mail InnovationsDHL Global Mail, APC and more
  • Pay-on-Use Returns – provide your customers the convenience of return postage labels without the risk of paying for unused return labels – More:
  • Priority Mail Cubic Pricing – do you ship small, heavy boxes? Packages that weigh less than 20 lbs. and measure .50 cubic feet at most are eligible and you could save BIG! …and this year the USPS significantly dropped the number of pieces needed to quality from 150,000 to 50,000!Sending a 20 lb., 3x4x8″ package from CT to OH would normally cost us $19.38. With cubic pricing that same package could cost as little as $4.99!
  • Get your packages there bright and early with Priority Mail Express 10:30AM
  • Use expanded reference fields for improved reporting

User Definable Fields

  • Create an unlimited number of them! Useful for taking advantage of rules-based processing (ship via rules, freight rules), custom email notifications, reporting and GS1-128 labels.

UPS Capital

  • Save money on carrier fees, simplify billing & streamline the claims process for all small package shipments! Request a quote!

Branded Email

  • More flexibility to define “From” email.


  • 2 new standard reports: Return Shipments, Shipments By User.

Sage 100 v4.5 and v2013 Enhancements

  • Rate Shop from Sales Order – Take advantage of StarShip’s powerful rating engine while creating estimates or orders. Use this to help with your carrier/service decision, validate addresses and update freight charges (including customized rules).

2015 Rate and Service Changes


  • UPS 2015 rate & service changes effective Dec. 29, 2014 >>More


  • FedEx 2015 rate & service changes effective Jan. 5, 2015 >>More


  • Spee-Dee 2015 rate & service changes >>More

StarShip shipping software | Version 16.x

StarShip shipping software | Version 16.4

  • Canadian Origin for FedEx shippers, OnTrac security changes, Southeastern Freight Lines (SEFL) updates

Canadian Origin for FedEx shippers

  • The FedEx module now includes support for shipments originating in Canada. Contact us to update your FedEx license with a Canadian account.

OnTrac Security Changes

  • OnTrac is migrating users to a new SFTP site for enhanced security and reliability. Starship 16.4.1 and higher supports the changes. Additional setup steps are required – see step 4:

Southeastern Freight Lines (SEFL)

  • Now supports PRO#

StarShip shipping software | Version 16.3

  • Canadian Origin for UPS shippers, New Interface: Acumatica, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016

Canadian Origin for UPS shippers

  • The UPS module now includes support for shipments originating in Canada. Contact us to update your UPS license with a Canadian account.


  • Support for hosted on premise or cloud-based versions
  • Link to Acumatica Sales Orders, Shipments, and Customers
  • Multi-carrier, multi-mode support
  • Rate Quote, Dashboard, Branded emails and shipping labels

StarShip shipping software | Version 16.2.1

  • AESDirect Transition to ACE, FedEx Freight Inbound shipping

AESDirect Transition to ACE

  • Shipping international goods? The way you submit your EEI filing information when processing a shipment in StarShip has changed. See: AESDirect to ACE.

FedEx Freight

  • Support for Inbound shipping

StarShip shipping software | Version 16.2

  • Carrier security updates, new LTL carrier: Pitt Ohio

Carrier security updates

  • StarShip now supports carrier security updates for UPS, FedEx, OnTrac, Estes, Old Dominion and others. New minimum system requirements include Windows 7 or higher. For a full list of supported operating systems, see: SHA-2 Security Updates.

New LTL Carriers

*optional modules

  • Pitt Ohio

StarShip shipping software | Version 16.1

  • USPS/Endicia rate/service update, changes for Reddaway and Holland freight carriers, new LTL carrier: Roadrunner, Sage 100 2016

New and updated LTL Carriers

*optional modules

  • Roadrunner – new
  • Holland – updated
  • Reddaway – updated


USPS/Endicia 2016 rate & service changes went into effect: Jan. 17, 2016.

  • Updated prices for January 17, 2016, including new country groupings for Priority Mail International Flat Rate Boxes.
  • The following products will be eliminated:
    * Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Box (domestic and international)
    * Priority Mail Regional Rate Box C (domestic and international)
    * Critical Mail (letters and flats)
  • Parcel Select Nonpresort will be rebranded as Parcel Select Ground™, and Standard Post will be rebranded as Retail Ground™.
  • The First-Class Package Service (FCPS) 14, 15, and 15.999-ounce offerings will be made available to Commercial Base users.
  • A new integrated customs form label format will be implemented for both domestic and international shipments that require customs forms (PS Forms 2976, 2976-A, and 2976-B). Your Endicia software will automatically pick the correct form type and number of pages required.
  • Up to $200 of merchandise insurance will be offered for Priority Mail International with the exception of Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelopes and Small Flat Rate Boxes.

Sage 100 2016

  • Now supported for StarShip Link in addition to BOI
  • Sales Order Rate Quote – expanded field list for enhanced freight rules
  • Enhanced browser for batch processing
  • Group related orders into a single shipment with one click

StarShip shipping software | Version 16.0

  • 2016 carrier rate/service update, A. Duie Pyle and Dayton Freight carriers, updated R+L, Endicia Global Service, Amazon enhancements and more!

New & Updated LTL Carriers

*optional modules

  • A. Duie Pyle – new
  • Dayton Freight – new
  • R+L – now supports pickup request and ability to generate the BOL

Endicia Global Service

Expedited shipping to Brazil and Mexico with a domestic label and no customs forms!
*requires StarShip USPS module and service with

  • Same-day customs clearance. Shipments clear customs in as little as six hours as opposed to an average of five days.
  • Fast service. Shipments are delivered in eight to ten days.
  • End-to-end tracking. Endicia Global Service provides tracking and delivery scan rates that are equivalent to what shippers are accustomed to in the United States.
  • Price transparency. All duties and taxes are known at shipment creation. Endicia Global Service allows businesses the option to deliver products duty-paid. This means that taxes can be paid up-front rather than collected from the customer on delivery.
  • Reduced shipping complexity, with no customs forms to fill out and no need to print duplicate labels.
  • International address verification.

Amazon Enhancements

  • The latest Amazon interface allows you to see the status of your eCommerce Orders in StarShip.

2016 Rate and Service Changes


  • UPS 2016 rate & service changes effective Dec. 28, 2015 >>More


  • DHL 2016 rate & service changes effective Jan. 2, 2016 >>More


  • FedEx 2016 rate & service changes effective Jan. 4, 2016 >>More


  • Spee-Dee 2016 rate & service changes effective Jan. 4, 2016 >>More