StarShip Purchase and Software Maintenance Policies

Purchase Policy

Included with your initial purchase of StarShip:

  • 1 month free upgrades
  • 3 support incidents (valid for 1 year from purchase date)

Software Maintenance Policy

We reserve the right to limit the purchase of Software Maintenance plans to customers running current versions of StarShip. Users who fail to renew the Software Maintenance plan and/or continue to run a version more than two versions below the production version will be subject to purchasing a new license in order to obtain the latest release. See StarShip Version Support

Registration Date

The date on which V-Technologies released the serial number (or registration & option keys) to either the reseller or end user.

Plan Expiration Date

The Plan Expiration Date will be defined as follows:

Purchase Date + 12 months

You are able to process your renewal at any time. You will not be penalized for renewing your software maintenance earlier, as the time left on your existing plan will be added to your renewal.

Lapsed Policies

A policy is considered “lapsed” if not renewed within the same month as it expires. Running the current release is a requirement to purchase/renew the Software Maintenance Plan. Therefore, an additional upgrade cost may be required prior to purchasing Software Maintenance.

Renewal Options

Software Maintenance and Support Plans are renewable through either V-Technologies or your Reseller. Purchase online at:

Current Software Maintenance Plan Required to Purchase New Modules and Services

Current subscribers are provided with product updates and technical information as they become available. Maintaining a current plan also permits you to purchase additional software modules, make license adjustments (adding carrier accounts or source interfaces) and purchase support services.

Software licenses and Plans are non-refundable

All StarShip software, Software Maintenance and Support sales are final.

Support Policy

See: Support Policy

V-Technologies reserves the right to change its Software Maintenance and Support Policies at any time without notice.