Ship USPS with Pitney Bowes

StarShip 17.4.1 and higher supports Pitney Bowes for electronic postage.

StarShip carriers USPS Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes Shipping Software Integration improves shipping efficiency

Pitney Bowes offers some unique tools and features that will add value and simplify your postal shipping process.

  • StarShip users will receive a FREE* postage account for 3 years (a savings of up to $34.95/month vs your Endicia account).
    *Postage accounts must be created and used by 12-1-2017 to receive 3-year savings

  • Ship now and pay later with the Pitney Bowes Line of Credit
    * No annual fee

    * Flexible payment options
    * Save with USPS discounts and free postage earned through their rewards program.

Frequently Asked Questions
Will I need to upgrade my StarShip software?
Yes. You will need to upgrade to version 17.4.1. If you are on version 17.4.0, you can run a web update. All other versions need to run a full upgrade. Please contact if you need v17.4.1 download information.

Who is eligible for version 17.4.1?
Users must be current on a Software Maintenance Plan to receive version 17.4.1. If your plan has expired, then you will need to contact your Customer Account Manager to renew.

Do I need to purchase a new StarShip module?
Users who already license the USPS module will not need to purchase a new module. If a user does not yet have the Post Office module and wants to start shipping USPS with Pitney Bowes then they should contact a Customer Account Manager for pricing to add the USPS module.

Is there a monthly charge for my new Pitney Bowes postage account?
As long as you create and use your new account by November 1, 2017, the account fees will be waived for the first three years.

How do I create a Pitney Bowes postage account?
Create a Pitney Bowes postage account in their Merchant Portal. If eligible* for a line of credit your account will be created with a temporary $500 credit line and you will be notified with your final credit line amount after your account has been reviewed.
*Account eligibility is determined by The Pitney Bowes Bank, Inc. Member FDIC.

Can I use my existing Pitney Bowes postage account?
If you have an existing postage account with Pitney Bowes that you would like to use or if you have any postage funding related questions, please contact Pitney Bowes at or 855-393-8874.

Do I need to deposit funds into my new Pitney Bowes shipping postage account?
Yes. Log in to the PB Merchant Portal and click the “One time add postage refill” link to add funds to your postage account. We also recommend you set the “Low balance threshold” and “Refill amount”.

What is the Pitney Bowes Line of Credit?
The Pitney Bowes Line of Credit let’s you “pay later” for your shipping expenses. For more details on how to pay for your postage, request a credit limit increase and more – Pitney Bowes Payment Account FAQs

What are my Pitney Bowes payment options?
Pitney Bowes payment options

Is my label printer supported?
Your printer must support the ZPLII language. The older EPL-only printers are not supported.

How do I determine my printer language?
See: Check your printer model

Does StarShip use USPS Retail Rates as list rates?
Currently, StarShip only has access to Commercial Base rates for populating list rates. In addition, we’ve added a setting to enable this feature so that an extra rate is not performed when it’s not necessary. By default, list rates will be populated with your contract rates. If you want to populate USPS list rates with Commercial Base rates, go to Setup > Carrier Interface > Pitney Bowes and click on the Settings tab. Check “Retrieve list rates when rating shipments”. (In a future release, StarShip will also support populating list rates with USPS Retail rates).

Why is my SCAN form not printing at End of Day now that I’m using Pitney Bowes?
Make sure your SCAN form is enabled and set to auto-print on End of Day.
See: SCAN form setup.

Do I need to close my Endicia account?
Yes – Endicia is no longer supported within Starship. You can contact Endicia to close or downgrade your account.