StarShip shipping software | Version 11.x


StarShip shipping software | Version 11.1.0

Performance enhancements, FedEx/USPS changes & more!

Performance Enhancements

  • To increase processing speed on ship screen
  • New preference settings to define how items are associated to packages for simplified international shipping
    enhanced item settings


  • FedEx SmartPost
  • Electronic Trade Documents (ETD)
  • HazMat/Dangerous Goods documentation: OP-900 and OP-950


  • New flat rate package types (Legal Envelope, Gift Card Envelope, Window Envelope, Cardboard Envelope, Small Envelope, Regional Rate Box A and Regional Rate Box B)
  • Critical Mail service
  • Expanded Hold at Location fields
  • Support for Rubber Stamp 1-3 (similar to reference fields)


  • 2011 rate & service changes

Setting Types

  • View the level at which a setting is applied

    global level

     Setting is global to all users, at all locations, for all machines

    machine level

     Setting is specific to the machine

    user level

     Setting is specific to the user

    location level

     Setting is specific to the location

Address Validation Settings

  • New preferences to define the address line for the primary street as well as automatic validation if address line 1 fails
    address validation

StarShip shipping software | Version 11.0

2011 Carrier rate/service changes & more!


  • 2011 rate & service changes >>More
  • UPS Carbon Neutral

    New! UPS Carbon Neutral – reduce your climate impact while demonstrating your commitment to sustainability.

  • New! Refrigeration
  • New! HazMat
    Note: the initial release will not generate documentation
  • The UPS Freight module – available since version 10.1


  • 2011 rate & service changes
  • Coming Soon: FedEx SmartPost
  • Coming Soon: Electronic Trade Documents (ETD)
  • Coming Soon: HazMat/DG support including documentation


  • 2011 rate & service changes

Other new features include:

HazMat/Dangerous Goods

  • Create hazardous profiles for easy selection during shipping
    HazMat/Dangerous Goods
  • For interfaces with item-level integration: associate an item to a profile for further hazmat automation.
  • Coming Soon: HazMat/Dangerous Goods documentation for FedEx shipments will be available in a subsequent v11 release.
    Documentation for UPS shipments is currently in development.

Filtering in customize interface

  • Search for StarShip target fields when customizing field maps and translations
    Filtering in customize interface

Obtain proof of delivery for FedEx shipments.

Dynamics GP and Exact Macola Notes:
Define different fields based on mode (parcel/ltl).